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Illusion Zone
Bird Optical Illusions
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Optical illusions books

More Optical illusion books


Read the sign below out loud!

When you first read this, what does it say? "A Bird In The Bush"?
If you read this more carefully you will find that it says
A Bird In "The The" Bush!!!
If you caught it the first time, good for you, but I bet you you did not catch it this time!!!



Have you been looking through your aviary bird wire too often?

Are you seeing spots before the eyes?
How many black spots can you count? There are actually none!
(The intersections you look at will be white, but others will appear to be black)



Birds might not be the only thing living in your aviaries.
What is the unexpected visitor ?

Move up close and look through the image as if gazing off into the distance. The image will be blurry. Move very slowly away from the screen. An amazing 3D illusion will emerge from the pattern. The longer you look, the deeper and more clear the hidden image will become.

(Click on the image to see the answer )



Big Fish Get Away But The Early Bird Catches The ....

(Above) Look for an island with trees, a boat and a very large fish.

(Below) The same picture upside down. A very large bird with a person in its beak.



Bird In Cage

Stare at the eye of the red parrot while you count slowly to 20, then look immediately at one spot in the empty bird cage. The faint, ghostly image of the bluegreen bird will appear in the cage.
Try the same thing with the green cardinal. A faint magenta bird will appear in the cage.

The ghostly birds you see here are called after images. An after image is an image that stays with you even after you have stopped looking at the object. The back of your eye is lined with light sensitive cells, called cones, which are only sensitive to certain colors of light. When you stare at the red bird, your red-sensitive cells start to grow tired and lose their sensitivity. So, when you shift your gaze suddenly to the white background of the bird cage, you see white minus red where the red-sensitive cells have become fatigued. White light minus red light is blue-green light. That's why the after image you see is blue-green-and in the shape of a parrot.

The same thing happens when you stare at the green bird, but this time it's the green-sensitive sensors that get tired. White, minus green light is magenta light, so you see the after image as a magenta cardinal.



See if you can solve this mystery.

The Thompson triplets were sitting around thinking about their birds.

They decided that they would go to the petshop

to buy a new pair for the aviary.

They checked their wallets and found that they only had $10 each.

So they took their $30 to the petshop.

They met a salesman who told them he had a pair of birds for sale for $30.

So they gave him $30 and took the birds.

However, when the salesman went in the back of the store

 he realized that the price was supposed to be $25.

So he ran back outside to give them their $5 back.

But when he realized they had each paid $10

 he didn't want to make it confusing so he only gave them $1 back each

and he kept the other two dollars for himself.

OK, let's recap.  They paid $10 each which is $30 total.

The salesman gave them back $1 each and he kept $2 for himself.

So they actually spent $10 each minus $1 each.

Which means they spent $9 each.

9 X 3 = $27,

The salesman kept $2.

That's a total of $29.

Where's the other dollar?

Don't give up. You can work it out. ( Or maybe not )



Salesmen never lie.

Polly Perkins was after a talking parrot, so she went to the local pet shop in the hope of securing such a find. She was in luck. The shop assistant assured her that the parrot would learn and repeat any word or phrase it heard. Polly was delighted. However, a week later, the parrot still hadn't spoken a word. Polly returned to the shop to complain, however, it appeared that the assistant was accurate in what he had said, and refused a refund. Why didn't the parrot talk?
Answer? ...

The parrot was deaf and as such couldn't repeat a single word it had heard!



After a hard day looking after your birds, relax and be hypnotised by this pinwheel.

Watch the centre of the pinwheel for 30 seconds with your hand resting on
your computer mouse. After the minute take a look at your resting hand.
( It wont be resting for long. Either will you be able to.)


Optical illusions books

More Optical illusion books


Illusion Zone
(Page 1)

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