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Pet Budgerigars

The Budgerigar is believed to be the most common pet Parrot in the world. Budgerigars have been bred in captivity since the 1850s. Breeders have worked over the decades to produce a wide range of colour, pattern and feather mutations, such as blue, white, violet, olive, albino and lutino, pied, clearwing, spangled, and crested.

Modern show budgerigars, also called English budgerigars or Standard Type Budgerigars are larger than the wild type, with puffy head feathers, giving them an exaggerated look. The eyes and beak can be almost totally obscured by feathers. Most Budgerigars in the pet trade are not of the show variety and are similar in size and body conformation to wild Budgerigars and thus aptly called wild type Budgies.

Budgies are not expensive, which is another reason to why they are very common pets.

Budgerigars are intelligent and social animals and enjoy the stimulation of toys and interaction with humans as well as with other Budgerigars. A common behaviour is the chewing of material such as wood, especially for female Budgerigars.

Budgerigars can be taught to speak, whistle tunes, and play with humans. Both males and females sing and can learn to mimic sounds & words. Both singing and mimicry are more pronounced and much more perfected in males. As a whole, females rarely if ever learn to mimic more than a dozen words or so. Males can very easily acquire vocabularies ranging between a few dozen to a hundred words. Generally speaking, it is the pet Budgies and even more so the ones kept as single pets which talk the best and the most.

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Budgerigar Colour Varieties

Normal Green Budgerigar
Normal Blue Budgerigar
Grey Green Budgerigar
Grey Budgerigar
Violet Budgerigar
Black Eyed Self Budgerigar
Red Eyed Self Budgerigar
Clearwing Budgerigar
Greywing Budgerigar
Cinnamonwing Budgerigar
Darkwing Budgerigar
Double Factor Spangle Budgerigar
Opaline Budgerigar
Lutino Budgerigar
Albino Budgerigar
Clearbody Budgerigar
Lacewing Budgerigar
Fallow Budgerigar
Yellow Faced Budgerigar
Spangle Budgerigar
Dominant Pied Budgerigar
Danish Recessine Pied Budgerigar
Crested Budgerigar
Saddleback Budgerigar
Dark Eyed Clear Budgerigar
Suffused Yellow / White Budgerigar
Faded Budgerigar

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